About Pawtime

From one dog owner to others.
Everything we do is about you and your dogs. From trainers who guide your dogs to crew members who know how to have fun with your dogs. We prioritize getting your dogs the happiness they deserve. Time, that is what we will dedicate.
Our story began in 2018, we are very young. But they said that the youth is the hope of the future. Which brings us to our mission: We want to create a better world for the dogs.
We’ve always believed in consistency and dedication, it is something that will never go to waste. Our goal is to make a better conversation between humans and dogs, using structured routine practices. Our dog loving partners personally see their dogs as family members, and we do understand that. We know that we can’t match the love to their dogs, but at least we can dedicate our time for the dogs as quality moments.
Let’s make our dogs happier!

Started as one-man crew, Oland tried to change the perspective in dog-owning at Bali island.


More hands to help! We recruited some more members as dog handlers. Oh yea we made some bad recruitments, but we are very happy with our team now and planned to keep it that way!


Things didn't go so well after Covid-19 hit. Too many dogs were kept inside of the house with minimum socialization. This is why we organized a socialization class, not only for the dogs, but also for the owners. With the proper protocol applied, obviously.

Make Your Life Easier With Your Dog With Personal Customized Plans!

My Random Yelps

The “Ideal”

i·de·al :existing only in the imagination; desirable or perfect but not likely to become a reality. Every time I get house calls about how to “fix” certain behaviors of a dog, Usually the owners will start from the ideal condition, a picture that they had in mind. The perfect, how-it-should-be environment....

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Hearing, Not Listening

How many times usually do you say “sit” before your dog actually sits? Do you raise your tone and volume after each “sit” you said? Or, even more basic command: your dog’s name. When s/he doesn’t pay attention to us, we tend to keep calling their names until they would...

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Expectations To Our Dogs

“Benji! You should know better!!!”This line of frustrations somehow sounds so familiar to us, dog parents. I felt disappointed many times when my dog just wouldn’t do simple task that we’ve been rehearsing for hundreds of times, like not dashing out of the gate without my permission. That is very dangerous...

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