Dog Socialization

Is your dog well socialized?

I am talking about that if they still well behaved toward anything outside of your house. Jumping, pulling, and barking are excluded in this “well behaved” category of course.

Some dog parents are lucky to get a calm and easy going personality in a dog (though you can analyze it when the first time you choose to pick your dog). But just as humans, every dog has different energy and character, and it may come as a surprise.

When you have decided to socialize your puppy or dog, try to judge it from the way they are behaving while at walk with you. They should be “cool” enough in every situation. A frequent and consistent dog-walking could create the best result here.

If you think your pup/dog is ready, try to find a dogfriend with the calmest character, and about the same energy as yours. You need to be sure enough on this, because if they are not as nice as you think, worst case scenario is one of the dog would get a traumatic experience or even heavily injured. We don’t want that.

hey, i’m trying to make pose here!

I mentioned all of the best possibilities, buy what if your dog doesn’t behave as you would hope? Don’t worry, it all takes time, so don’t rush it. All you gotta do is to take a step back. Find out where your dog failed it. Let’s say, they begin to get anxious at a new place? So start at that! Take them to new places, new floor textures, strange noises, weird smells, different weather, around new peoples. Those new experiences will help them to get more confidence and how to control their own mind by staying calm.

You would see amazing new gestures when your dog is well socialized toward other dogs, some are bowing down, some are doing push with their muzzle, or even poke with their front leg. Those are their manner of saying “c’mon, lets play dude!”

Just remember, be patient and don’t rush it. Remember to have fun in everything you do!