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Dog Sitting

We know not every place that you are about to go is welcoming your furry family member, especially when you go on a holiday for days or even weeks. Or the fact that you are unsure about how your dog will behave in a boarding house. This always be your concern when you are planning to do some vacation away from your home.

Dogs are happiest when they are in their own house, and with our dog sitting service, we allow your dog to stay in their own environment even when you can’t be there, giving you and your dog peace of mind. We will come in and care for your dog’s regular routine. Each visit can be scheduled 20 or 45 minutes in length, includes the following:

  • All the attention your dog needs
  • Fresh food and water
  • Play time
  • Potty breaks and clean up of dog waste
  • Medication administer
  • Cleaning up dog area
  • Collecting newspaper, mail, and packages
  • Watering your plants and garden
  • Alternating lights and blinds (to show that your house is not empty)
  • Photo updates



IDR 50.000,-

  • Price applied in Sanur only
  • House visit
  • 1 Hour of Services


IDR 85.000,-

  • Price applied in Sanur only
  • House visit
  • 2 Hours of Services


IDR 100.000,-

  • Price applied in Sanur only
  • House visit
  • 3 Hours of Services
  • Additional Charge IDR 15.000,- for Extra 1 Hour of Service

Regular Walking Program

This visit will be divided into relief walking (let the dog out for potty time), dedicated walking on an adventure around your neighborhood, and exercise or playtime. We will manage the duration suited to your dog’s energy level.

These 45 minutes visit is great balance for walk and exercise, also performing basic care such as feeding and litter scooping. However, for lower energy dog or if the parent is getting involved in any energy-reducing activity in the day, 20 minutes can be enough.

Can include feeding and water change if needed.

Single Walk

IDR 55.000,-

  • 45 Minutes of Services
  • Price applied in Sanur only

Walkies Package #1

IDR 500.000,-

  • 10 times of Walkies Session
  • Price applied in Sanur only

Walkies Package #2

IDR 1.100.000,-

  • 25 times of Walkies Session
  • Price applied in Sanur only

Weight Loss Program

Healthy lifestyle has been introduced and applied to us human society for a very long time, but sadly, though we love our dogs as much as our own family, we usually forgot to give enough concern in this area. So here are few examples of the consequences: Arthritis, ACL torn, heart and breathing conditions,  Tumors, Skin diseases, and also it will affect the quantity and quality of their life.

So if you can’t commit daily walking program or exercise, we can help to take over the task upon your busy work-week, and you can have the weekend to enjoy together.

This program is a veterinarian-designed 5-week walking program that combines exercising and having fun. Before starting, we need to be sure that your dog has no pre-existing medical condition. This will take five weeks in total (5 days a week).

Contact us for more information and free visit or consultation.

Weight Loss Program

IDR 1.350.000,-

  • Price applied in Sanur only
  • 5 Weeks of Services
  • 5 Days a Week

Basic Dog Training Program

Once you bring your dog home, you might be wondering when you can start training her. As you might correctly guess it, we assure you the answer is right now. It’s never too soon start training your dog, and if you have an older dog, an old saying ” you can teach an old dog new tricks” is completely untrue, they can learn at any age.

Good training is essential to ensure a happy dog and the parents. It gives the dog confidence and make them provide the enjoyment of companionship by behaving well everywhere.

Dogs were bred to work with us, they are actually enjoy having interaction with us, and being trained is included. So they will be ready to learn from us since day one. However, you might not know where to begin on dog training, and when you do, it can be a little overwhelming. So if you are unsure, Paw Time! can give you all the help you needed.

Contact us for special training package.

Puppy Obedience - Family Engagement Program

IDR 750.000,-

  • Price applied in Sanur only
  • 10weeks - 7months old puppies
  • 4 Sessions, 45mnts of service for each visit.
  • House training: Owner guide for Potty training, Crate introducing, Establish a routine.
  • Commands and Tricks: Spin, Through, Monkey, Sit, Down, Stay, Stand, Come, Leave it, Heel, Back, etc.
  • Leash training: Teach your dog to walk on a loose leash.
  • Note: Owner(s) need to be present, Trainer will show and teach how to repeat the training on daily basis.

Puppy Obedience - Pawtime Training Program

IDR 900.000,-

  • Price applied in Sanur only
  • 10weeks - 7months old puppies
  • 10 Sessions, 45 Minutes of service for each visit.
  • How to build engangement, Brain stimulation, Impulse control.
  • Commands and Tricks: Spin, Through, Sit, Down, Stay, Stand, Come, Leave it, Heel, Back, etc.
  • Leash training and outdoor manner.
  • Owner is preferred to be present at least 5-10mnts to learn the commands.

Junior Obedience - Follow-through Training Program

IDR 1.125.000,-

  • Price applied in Sanur only
  • 7months - 2years old dogs
  • 15 Sessions, 45 Minutes of service for each visit.
  • How to build engangement, Brain stimulation, Impulse control, Leash communication.
  • Basic commands: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Leave it, Heel, etc.
  • Outdoor manner, How to socialize properly, Offleash preparation.
  • Owner is preferred to be present at least 5-10mnts to learn the commands.

Dog Behaviour Modification Program

Barking, chewing, leash pulling, puppy biting, aggression, jumping up. Are you familiar with those behaviors performed by your dog? Some of us might have tried to talk nicely or even yelling, and none of it seems to work at all. This is a common problem with a family with furry member. You need to know why are they misbehaving, which is what you must understand before you can effectively resolve any of those problems.

Most of the techniques in behavior modification are not hard to learn, however they require a regular investment of time and effort, in other words: patience and consistency is the key. So if you are running out of ways how to deal with it, or can’t invest enough time to interact with your dog, Paw Time! can help you to go back when you enjoy living with your dog without any worries.

Especially in this case, we really concern about how some trainer using physical correction method, such as snapping or jerking the leash, knee the dog, flip the dog to its back, or any other physical punishment that actually hurt the dog to tell them what we want. Those method seem to work very fast and looking so effective, but please also know that in the long run, this will nurture aggressive behavior toward other living creature.

Dog Behaviour Modification Program

IDR 200.000,-

  • Price applied in Sanur only
  • Issues with food
  • Over-Barking
  • Multiple dogs in household
  • Attention-seeking behavior
  • Rough play
  • Separation anxiety
  • The Walk
  • Obsessive behavior
  • Toilet issues
  • Nervous behavior
  • Managing other people
  • Dogs and children
  • Puppies in general
  • 60mnts of services, most family members are preferred to be present.

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