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Dog Walking and Socialization

​It is great if we have a big yard, but sometimes we forget that dogs are social animals. There are some basic needs they need to fulfill other than just food, water. shelter, and toilet. They also have belonging needs; such as company and interaction, and also more importantly: esteem needs; the confidence to be in the middle of socialization.
Dogs also thrive on variety, they enjoy seeing different things, smelling any kind of scent, hearing new sounds, and also the feelings that come from it. This is why walking the dogs outside is quite beneficial, because not only for physical exercise, it also provides opportunities for enrichment and socialization. So, rather than just “walk”, we would prefer to call this socialization, considering it is more of a mental stimulated activity than just plain “walk”.
Our dog handlers are trained to give guidance to the dogs on how to behave in various situations that might occur outside. It is a training for the dogs’ confidence and social skills too.
Every dog is unique, so we will make a specific plan for each dog on how to do the training for 45 minutes and find the good balance between physical exercise and mental stimulation.

Each visit can be scheduled for 45 minutes in length, can also include the following:

  • Fresh food and water prepping
  • Play time
  • Potty breaks and clean up of dog waste
  • Medication administer
  • Collecting newspaper, mail, and packages
  • Watering your plants and garden
  • Alternating lights and blinds (to show that your house is not empty)
  • Photo and video updates

Private Class

The Main Mission

  • House visit
  • 45 minutes of Services
  • Session starts from the house location
  • Teaching the dogs to avoid danger and problems
  • Adjusted pace depends on the dog

Group Class

Pawtrip Packwalk

  • Pick-up service
  • Minimum one hour of services
  • Session starts on the selected beach
  • Structured walk with other dogs
  • Ocean dipping/ swimming time
  • Longer leash for more freedom on the beach
  • Drinkwater and light clean up

Group Class

Civilized Canine

  • Onsite visit at Sanur (Please contact for info)
  • Minimum one hour of services
  • Building clear communication, impulse control, using the leash properly.
  • Outdoor manner, how to socialize properly, off-leash preparation
  • Note: Owner is preferred to be present to learn the commands

Dog Schooling Program

Once you bring your dog home, the best time to train her/him is right now! It’s never too soon to start training your dog, and if you have an older dog, an old saying ” you can teach an old dog new tricks” is completely untrue, they can learn at any age.

Good training is essential to ensure a happy dog and the parents. It gives the dog confidence and makes them provide the enjoyment of companionship by behaving well everywhere.

Dogs were bred to work with us, they actually enjoy having interaction with us, and being trained is included. So they will be ready to learn from us from day one. However, it can be a little overwhelming. So if you are unsure, Paw Time! can give you all the help you need.

Private Class

The Puppy Pre-school

  • House visit
  • 10 weeks - 7 months old puppies
  • 4 Sessions, 45 minutes of services each visit
  • House training: Owner guide for potty training, crate and leash introducing, establish a routine.
  • Commands and tricks
  • Note: Owner(s) need to be present, Trainer will show and teach how to repeat the training on daily basis.

Private Class

Green-Dog School

  • House visit
  • 7 months - 2 years old dogs
  • 4 Sessions, 45 minutes of services each visit
  • How to build engagement, brain stimulation, impulse control, leash communication.
  • Commands and tricks
  • Note: Owner(s) need to be present, Trainer will show and teach how to repeat the training on daily basis.

Private Class

Behavior Modification

  • House visit
  • Any age of dogs
  • One hour of services
  • Building a better structure and leadership in the house
  • Tackle issues: Over-barking, couchsurfing, fights, anxiety, obsessive, toilet, territorial, food, mouthing, with children and guests.
  • Note: Most family members must be present during the training.

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