Why Get A Dog?

“ I really love that dog, so cute! I think I will get one for me!”.

Many of us have this sentence popped up when we see a particular dog. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact, it is a very wonderful thought as we have so many abandoned dogs and puppies, especially in Bali. But little did we realize, a dog comes as a package, and cute is just one part of it. The second that we decided to get a dog, that’s the very second we have to sign the deal for a commitment.

I like to put analogy like this to my friends that just got married; before you are thinking to get a baby, try to raise a dog.

Really man? as guinea pig?

Not that I am trying to scare you away with that kind of commitment, but a lifespan of dogs is normally 9 – 15 years old. And dog doesn’t understand how our world works, unless there is someone to guide them. So you need to always be there for them for that long.

Now why would you get a dog if all you get is responsibilities and commitment? As I said before, it comes as a package. I am pretty sure that everyone likes and needs to be loved, and unconditional love is what our dogs are offering for every.single.second.

OK I’m being too dramatic and that is cliché. If getting licked after long day at work is not really at the top of your list, I can give you other reasons why getting a dog could be your best life decision, definitely better than when you decided to become a soccer player:

  • You are getting healthier by exercising your dog frequently.
  • You get to act God (in a good way), by saving and caring a life. Come on, how cool is that?
  • You get a cool selfie pics anytime you want for your Instagram and Facebook with your silly dog. Keep the likes flowing in!
  • You get one more topic to open conversation with that cute bae strolling over there! (husbands, you’re on your own when things get complicated)
  • The most important: you look so darn hot when you go out or walk with a dog.

For the last part, and I think this is important, when you have decided to finally get a dog, I strongly suggest to consider looking for an adoption from dog shelter around Bali, they have so many options you can match with your personality and energy, or any other preferences you might have.

You can freely contact me if you are troubled to find any shelters, I will be glad to help.