About Oland

Hello my dog loving friends, my name is Rolando Wijaya, and Oland is my nickname as it is easier to pronounce.

From a very young age, I have always had a love for any kind of animal. My Dad taught me to love and live with animals such as dogs, cats, turtles, squirrels, and birds as pets. Those memories were carved deeply into my heart until today.

I moved to Bali in 2007 to work, and I was so amazed by how many dogs are here, living so freely everywhere! But at the same time, I was faced with the dilemma of how some dog parents barely have the knowledge about how to treat their dogs. So since then, I have tried to help everyone around me with their dogs, including those five little furry troublemakers at my office. Now that I think of it again, I couldn’t imagine my working life at the office without them, and they have kept me there for more than a decade. Seeing their adorable faces everyday just brightened every second of it.

Until at some point I felt that I needed a change and a big one. I quit, and with that, came a career change. I found myself the happiest when interacting with animals, and dogs are at the top of my list. That was when I decided to create PawTime. A job that fully filled my life and passion by helping dogs and humans at the same time.

I believe that every dog deserves to be treated with the utmost love, care and attention; and every paw parent has to get all of the enjoyment of dog’s companionship, as they were bred to be our friend, partner, and family! So here I am trying my best to provide peace of mind for all of the family members, with and without the fur!




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The “Ideal”

i·de·al :existing only in the imagination; desirable or perfect but not likely to become a reality. Every time I get house calls about how to “fix” certain behaviors of a dog, Usually the owners will start from the ideal condition, a picture that they had in mind. The perfect, how-it-should-be environment....

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Hearing, Not Listening

How many times usually do you say “sit” before your dog actually sits? Do you raise your tone and volume after each “sit” you said? Or, even more basic command: your dog’s name. When s/he doesn’t pay attention to us, we tend to keep calling their names until they would...

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Expectations To Our Dogs

“Benji! You should know better!!!”This line of frustrations somehow sounds so familiar to us, dog parents. I felt disappointed many times when my dog just wouldn’t do simple task that we’ve been rehearsing for hundreds of times, like not dashing out of the gate without my permission. That is very dangerous...

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